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Accident and Health Insurance including Personal Accident Plans and more.

Group Personal Accident

Enables employers/associations to provide its employees/members insurance protection against the expenses associated with accidental death or injury. The policy typically covers the insured and their families annually 24 hours a day, 365 days per year worldwide. It can also be limited to work related coverage only if required.

Voluntary Group Accident

This is an excellent way for expense-conscious companies to make benefits available to their employees at no additional cost to the company. Employees pay 100% of the premium with the employer endorsing the plan and providing payroll deduction administration. The policy covers employees and their families annually 24 hours a day, 365 days per year worldwide.

School Group Personal Accident

Provides cover for primary and secondary school students, supplementing a parent's insurance program or providing the school or school district with coverage when a student is involved in a serious accident at school.

Family Personal Accident Plan

Helps provide financial security to loved ones in the event of an accidental death or disability. This insurance provides comprehensive 24-hour annual coverage for losses due to death or disability resulting from an accident. Coverage is available on an individual or family basis.

Critical Care

This plan pays a lump sum benefit to the Insured if a serious injury or illness occurs while the policy is in effect. The benefit is paid to the Insured when the serious medical condition occurs and may be used as he or she wishes, providing cash for the extra expenses that develop.

Hospital Cash Plan

Pays the insured a specific cash amount for each day he/she is hospitalized. Payments can be used for income replacement, funds to supplement medical expenses or extra cash for any other expenses. Benefits are usually payable for up to 365 days and may begin after a waiting period. Hospital Cash may be purchased independently or as part of a more extensive benefits package. Coverage may be available on an Accident only or Accident & Sickness basis.

Education Protection Plan

This plan pays a monthly benefit for a specified period of time to provide for the education of a child or children in the event of death or permanent disability of one or both of the parents.