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Management and professional liability solutions for financial institutions.

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Corporate Kidnap and Ransom or Extortion Insurance

Kidnap and extortion are a very real and growing threat in today's world. As many as 12,500 kidnaps are reported each year in over 40 countries, mainly in Latin America, Russia and Asia, with the average ransom payment doubling in the last four years and some payment demands exceeding USD 50 million.


Revolutionary advancements in IT technology has transformed the way companies today manage their business, but have brought with it new and challenging cyber risks. AIG has been at the forefront in understanding these risks and developing a solution that provides all the expertise and financial protection companies need to both protect against the financial losses associated with a data breach or network security failure and to respond swiftly and effectively to manage and mitigate an event. CyberEdge can help mitigate not only the potential financial impact of a data leak, loss or breach, but also the reputational impact and the IT impact because it combines traditional insurance cover with professional consultancy.

Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)

There is a risk to a corporation and its directors, officers, supervisors and employees being named in an employment practices liability lawsuit is greater than ever and continues to escalate.

Professional Liability

Protection for businesses against third party claims for loss due to professional negligence or mistake

Crime or Employee Infidelity

Multiple fidelity coverages including commercial crime bond, fidelity bonds.

Director's and Officers Liability

Insurance coverage designed for companies engaged in multiple service activities related to transportation. Coverage is tailored to the insured's operational exposures.

POSI (Public Offering of Securities Insurance)

Public Offering of Securities Insurance covers claims arising from offerings. The policy can cover equity or debt issues, both initial and secondary.