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Defense Base Act Insurance from AIG

What is it?

The Defense Base Act ("DBA") was established in 1941. The primary goal of the Act was to extend the benefits of the US Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act ("USL&H") to workers on military bases outside the United States. The Act was amended to include public works contracts with the government for the building of non-military projects such as dams, schools, harbors and roads abroad. A further amendment added a vast array of enterprises revolving around the national security of the U.S. and its allies. Today, almost any contract with an agency of the U.S. government, for work outside the continental U.S.A., whether military in nature or not, usually requires Defense Base Act coverage.

Who is covered?

All U.S. Citizens, third country nationals ("TCN") and local nationals employed on the job site are covered under the DBA policy. In addition, all employees of all sub-contractors employed on the job site, regardless of their nationality or country of hire are covered under the DBA policy.